MOSH for Sailfish

So I finally have my own Jolla, paid for as customer 194 during sales launch last Wednesday.

One essential thing is to have access to my irssi shell, and as this is a mobile device it is essential to have MOSH (Mobile Shell), a UDP based secure shell client. As it will switch over from WiFi network to mobile data and back to WiFi a lot and reconnecting every time sucks and takes too much time.

So I looked if there is MOSH in Nemomobile, because that would be directly installable. Yes! There is Mosh in Nemomobile, but for some reason the build is broken. So I quickly rebuilt that in my home project.

Here’s how to get it running on your Jolla (or Nemo) device right now:

ssu ar tbr-mw
ssu ar tbr-apps
pkcon refresh
pkcon install mosh

In the long run we’ll hopefully get the package repos fixed for Nemo and then you’ll be able to use those directly, or we’ll add an Sailfish specific project in OBS.

(Do NOT ask me why it thinks ‘make’ is a installtime dependency! I just clicked stuff in OBS. I’ll try to fix it and send a pull request to Nemo.)

One thought on “MOSH for Sailfish

  1. tigeli

    make is depency because of openssl (certificate-req scripts require it).