Farewell Netscape – or why I left Mozilla behind me

Today I finalized a painful and long delayed choice. I left the last Mozilla IRC channels and disconnected from MozNET.

I had hoped, in vain, that the long promised answer to my concerns would come. It did not. They left standing, what essentially can be oversimplified into “Mozilla has devolved back into Netscape Corporation”.

As this is not why I joined the Mozilla community about a decade ago, the only logical choice for me is to cut my ties for to not become complicit to their actions.

This is only a very short post and I’ll try to find the time to write down my observations and my feelings, while trying to keep the former objective and separate from the latter.

I met many very nice people and wouldn’t give that experience away. I hope to meet you outside of Netscape 2.0 too, e.g. at FOSDEM! For those from the community that want to personally stay in touch with me, I hang out on Freenode IRC and IRCnet, currently as ‘dm8tbr’, sometimes as ‘tbr’. I’m on Twitter as @tbr23 and on also discuss mostly open source and open hardware on G+.

I learned a lot, I enjoyed a lot, I’ll try to remember the good things, but it’s time to move on!


Thomas aka ‘moo’ aka ‘dm8tbr’

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